Black or white

Patrick Sanwikarja
1 min readJun 22, 2022

The first photographs were black and white. But then colour photography was invented. We could now capture reality the way it really was: in countless different colours, hues and shades.

Yet today, it feels like we have gone back to seeing the world in black and white again. When I read opinions on social media or in the news, it seems as if there are only two sides to everything.

Cars are bad, bikes are good!
Fossil fuel is terrible, electric energy is fantastic!
If you’re not left wing, than you must be right wing!
Climate change is a hoax! No, it’s the biggest crisis of our lifetime!

Reality is of course, and has always been, neither black nor white. Neither left nor right. But nuance isn’t very interesting. Shades of grey don’t get as many likes and retweets.

If only we could invent colour photography for our minds.