Patrick Sanwikarja
1 min readMar 13, 2022


Where is our food? What’s keeping them so long?

You’ve probably been there. You want to have food on the table in 30 minutes. So you ordered food online, and are waiting for it to arrive. It’s getting late. Everyone’s getting hungry. It’s almost bedtime for your daughter.

You check the app. Instead of seeing “they should be there any minute” you get “we’re sorry were a bit delayed”. You are annoyed. You look up the restaurant’s phone number and dial it.

More waiting. They’re not picking up. Just as you want to hang up, you hear a voice. You say your name and ask what’s keeping them so long. They didn’t hear your name correctly, so you repeat it. Three times. They don’t see your name in their order list. You get more annoyed. You tell them what you ordered. Finally they found your order. It was just picked up by the biker. They blame the delivery guy for being late, it wasn’t their fault.

Ten minutes later the doorbell rings. It’s the delivery guy. He blames the restaurant for the delay.

So whose fault is it that we waited so long? I guess it was my fault for expecting to have food on the table in 30 minutes rather than in 2 hours.