How many more perfect days?

Patrick Sanwikarja
1 min readJun 17, 2022


Today was a perfect day. It was sunny and around 30 degrees Celsius, my favorite temperature. Nice and hot, but not too hot. I walked around on my flip flops and my daughter and her friend played with water in the yard. My sister-in-law came over and we enjoyed the lamb chops and shish kebab my girlfriend brought home, for the barbecue. The meat was delicious. We laughed. We had a good time.

But then at the end of the day I read the news and surprise, surprise: the world is on fire. Global warming is even worse then we thought. So bad that prominent Dutch scientists don’t believe anymore that the Paris Goals can be reached. Basically they are saying we are going to fail.

This puts my day in a different light. I may have enjoyed today’s high temperature, but this weather is also the start of a heat wave in Europe. Yesterday, 40 degrees was measured in France, never before this early in the year.

Our barbecued food was delicious. Slightly charred, juicy and tender — there is hardly anything more delicious than grilled lamb chops. But lamb meat also has the highest carbon footprint of all foods, after beef. And yes, we had hamburgers, too.

Today was a perfect day. But perhaps days like these are numbered.