Why so angry?

Patrick Sanwikarja
1 min readJun 12, 2022


Is anger really a negative feeling? Judging by the content we consume, we love to be angry. We love watching documentaries about the negative effects of capitalism and globalism. We love reading angry tweets about politicians we don’t agree with, and then retweet them.

Being angry feels good. We like being annoyed, offended, indignant. And we love telling others about it on social media. Could it be because it’s easier to be angry about something than to fix it?

Actually fixing problems doesn’t feel good. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. Not only do we have to change people around us, we also have to change ourselves.

To fight climate change for example, we have to completely change our way of life. Use the bus instead of the car. Eat plants instead of meat. Go on holiday by train instead of by plane. And we have to tell our friends and families to follow us. These things don’t feel good.

So we stay angry. Can you blame us?